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Why testing with us ?

Why testing... and why with us ?


Why testing : To measure is to know

  • base decisions on data, not on guesses
  • tribology data isn't easy to model, physical testing remains necessary
  • intelligent testing requires understanding of the component conditions and realistic lab simulation


Why with us : Quality, Knowledge and Partner Solutions

  • Quality (in equipment and procedures) guarantee value for money
  • We have a wide range of infrastructure
  • Knowledge translates a real contact to a significant lab test
  • Partner solutions implies that we vary test programs depending on your deadlines, procedures, needs and budget








  SAVE MONEY : standard tests from 180 €

  save on capital investment, staff training, maintenance, calibration and updates         of equipment

  BE FLEXIBLE : our lab is your lab
  - small to large projects

  - we adapt the test program during execution by continuous communication
  - the best test machines, over 20 different instruments, standard testing at a               fixed price

  BE EFFICIENT : no learning curve and expert advice
  - competent staff with experience in materials engineering and lubrication                   technology 
  - tools to handle almost all tribological contract testing on the lab scale
  - consulting or training, to help you reach the next level of application reliability