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NEW ! 3-D Measurements with Confocal Microscope


3D confocal microscope usurf explorer


















As of January 2014, we have installed a Nanofocus µSurf Explorer in our labs. This significant investment fits in our strategy to expand our high quality testing and characterisation infrastructure to remain true to our mission : providing high quality data to our industrial customers in the context of our credo "quality, knowledge, partner solutions"


With the confocal microscope, we can measure 3-D surfaces with the highest resolution and this helps us particularly with the quantification of (low) wear in our friction and wear simulations.

Depending on the requirements of the customer, the technique can be an additional measurement technology to the well known 2D profiles and light optical microscopy measurements of wear scars.



Whereas conventional and standard measurement techniques have been sufficient to compare good - medium - bad products, they are often not sufficient to distinguish good - better - best products and they can also lead to measurement errors or measurement uncertainty.


The technique can also be used to make fast 2D and 3D roughness / flatness measurements and has powerful analytical techniques such as automated step measurements, peak evaluation and contamination / porosity tools



Contact : Dirk Drees (ddrees@falex.eu) with subject 'Confocal Microscopy'.